Full-colour prints are available in smaller orders

Greencup offer a digital printing service for our range of reusable cups for cold drinks. Digital printing is designed for low minimum order quantities, making them ideal for weddings and small parties.

With our digital printing service Greencup can produce cups with vibrant, long-lasting colours on pint and half pint cups. Not only are our cups suitable for hundreds of uses, at the ends of their lives they are also 100% recyclable.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printed reusable cups tend to have a faster turnaround than other printing options. We are now able to produce orders as low as 300 cups.  Digitally printed reusable cups for cold drinks is an ideal solution for smaller events, special occasions, birthdays or weddings.

• Unlimited selection of colours at a lower cost than IML.

• Small minimum orders 

• Lower lead time than IML

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