What are our reusable cups made of?

Greencup offer the widest range of reusable cups in Finland. From pint to 400ml highballs which are great for summer cocktails or mixers with ice or garnish. We have shot glasses, champagne flutes, coffee cups and of course, our most popular product: pint cups.


All of our Greencup are made of polypropylene (PP) making them BPA-free, incredibly durable and perfect for multiple uses.

Polypropylene is a clean plastic with good chemical resistance, when it is recycled the new product retains all the same qualities as the old one. All of our cups are made of polypropylene meaning that any cups that can no longer be used can all be sent to recycling together without the need for sorting.

100% recyclable

At the end of their life, our reusable cups are 100% recyclable. Our cups are repurposed into useful items such as coat hangers or ice scrapers thanks to the recycling company that we work closely with. The tote boxes that we use to store and transport our cups are also made from recycled plastic.

Can be washed hundreds of times

All cups are dishwasher safe and are designed to cope with hundreds of washes.

Greencup reusables are perfect for camping trips and barbeques, we’ve heard from customers who use them as pen holders or measures to scoop out their dog food. Whatever you use yours for, remember that at the end of iits life that polypropylene can be recycled – just check which collection your local council accepts it in.

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